Indonesian Vanilla Supplier

Welcome to Vanilla Harum Indonesia, our place to get premium quality Indonesian vanilla beans directly from local farmers. We prioritize sustainability and improving the lives of our farmers by promoting sustainable farming practices. Our beans are hand-picked and carefully cured to ensure the finest flavor and quality. Discover our selection and experience the rich, complex aroma and taste of our vanilla beans. Thank you for choosing Vanilla Harum as your source for the best Indonesian vanilla beans. We can't wait to serve you!

No matter where you are located, we are ready and able to ship our commodities worldwide, with all the necessary documentation provided for your convenience. With our focus on quality and competitive pricing, we are confident that we can meet all your needs for high-quality Indonesian vanilla beans and other agricultural and spice products


Rich Flavor

Indonesian vanilla beans have a rich, creamy flavor with floral notes that make them a popular choice among chefs and bakers

High Vanillin Content

Indonesian vanilla beans typically have a high vanillin content, which contributes to their strong, sweet aroma and flavor

Organic Production

Many Indonesian vanilla farmers use organic methods to cultivate their crops, which can be an important selling point for buyers looking for natural and sustainably grown products

Competitive Pricing

Compared to other major vanilla producers like Madagascar and Tahiti, Indonesian vanilla beans are often available at a lower cost, making them a cost-effective choice for buyers


Different types of Indonesian vanilla beans We offer

Grade A Planifola
This grade has full vanilla flavor. Has a high moisture level between 25-30%. Physically its oily, black/dark brown, and very moisturize.

Grade B Planifola
This vanilla beans can be use for extract, vanilla powder, and baking. Has a lower moisture level between 22-25%. Physically its dry and has black/dark brown color.