About Us

Vanilla Harum Indonesia, your trusted source for premium-quality Indonesian vanilla beans, based in Jakarta. We specialize in the supply of high-quality, world-renowned Indonesian vanilla bean. Our beans are carefully selected and handpicked from the finest farms in Indonesia, ensuring that you get the best flavor, aroma, and quality with every order. We pride ourselves on our close relationships with local vanilla farmers, whom we work with closely to ensure that we can meet the requirements of our customers. We are committed to providing not just the best possible vanilla products, but also to supporting sustainable and responsible farming practices throughout the region.

Our vision is to promote sustainable farming practices and provide premium quality vanilla beans from Indonesia to become the top choice in the global vanilla market while benefiting local farmers and inspiring vanilla enthusiasts.

Our mission is to offer premium quality Indonesian vanilla beans, promote sustainable farming practices, improve the lives of local farmers, and establish Indonesian vanilla as the preferred choice for consumers worldwide.